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Alicia Marie Agramonte: Crafting Stories, Igniting Souls

In the pulsating heart of Oakland, California, Alicia Marie Agramonte emerged—a mélange of Dominican resilience and the fiery spirit of her Black heritage. From her nomadic childhood across Japan and England, she found her anchor in the vibrant streets of Baltimore, Maryland.

Imprinted by the Epic: Alicia's journey ignited amidst the chaos of Netflix's "House of Cards," a pivotal moment that set her on a path of production prowess. It was through her roles in monumental blockbusters like "Creed," HBO's "Show Me a Hero," and "Veep" that she discovered the transformative power of storytelling, each frame leaving an indelible mark on her creative soul.

A Master of Many Trades: Armed with a passion for storytelling that knows no bounds, Alicia is not merely a spectator but an active participant in the creative process. From wielding the camera to penning poignant scripts, from producing masterpieces to stepping into the limelight, she embraces every facet of storytelling as a lifelong honor—a testament to its unparalleled influence on the human experience.

Proud HBCU Alumna: As a graduate of Morgan State University in Baltimore, Alicia's roots run deep in the vibrant tapestry of HBCU culture. It was amidst the small but mighty Screenwriting and Animation program that she nurtured her passion for storytelling, laying the foundation for a career that would redefine the boundaries of creativity and innovation.

Crafting Worlds, One Story at a Time: Now, as she proudly claims the mantle of a storyteller, Alicia infuses her works with the power to ignite imaginations, stir passions, and inspire change. With each endeavor, she seeks not just to entertain, but to provoke thought, to move hearts, and to empower others to become agents of change through the transcendent medium of storytelling.

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